Handy E.S.P.

Handy E.S.P.

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This is a close-up version of our popular cabaret effect ‘Psychic Colours’ but with a totally different presentation based upon guesswork, ESP and coincidence! It is ideal for your table-hopping and similar engagements.

Three sealed envelopes are shuffled by a spectator and laid out on the table in any order they wish. You now show six small plastic hands in two sets of three different colours. You take one set and the spectator takes the other set. You explain that there is another set of coloured hands, one hand in each of the sealed envelopes.

You are about to demonstrate the difference between guesswork and ESP or extra sensory perception. You place one of your hands onto each envelope and the participant is requested to “try to visualise and make their selection accordingly, laying their three coloured hands one onto each envelope!” The participant can change the order of either their coloured hands or the envelopes if they so wish. Once the participant is satisfied, the envelopes are opened to show the other coloured hands inside.

Incredibly, the participant has placed their hands onto the envelopes so that the sets match each other 100% positive ‘proof’ that they do have latent ESP abilities!

This is a baffling and most intriguing mental mystery that defies any rational solution! Nothing else is used save the nine coloured hands and the three small envelopes that we supply. Everything can be examined and handled by audience members. The flaps of the envelopes can be tucked in rather than sealed to save on replacements.

Handy E.S.P. resets in a moment and is supplied complete with full instructions.

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