Santa Mystery - A5 Jumbo size - Mre

Santa Mystery - A5 Jumbo size - Mre

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You can tell this Christmas story any time of the year and illustrate it with two laminated pictures, one of a Christmas tree and the other of Santa Claus; while the backs of the picture depict a bright Christmas star shining in the night sky which you explain is why we have a star at the top of our Christmas trees.

Now everyone knows Santa can do magic and getting the children to say Merry Christmas everyone, he makes himself disappear and no one knows where he has gone! However the children soon tell you that you have simply hidden him behind your back.

Imagine their astonishment when the card behind your back is shown to be the Christmas tree, while Santa is still in your hand at the front of your body.
You do it again only this time you place the Christmas tree on a chair so a child can sit upon it, keep Santa in your hand and then ask the children where the Christmas tree is.

Again the pictures have changed places Santa is now being sat upon and the Christmas tree is back in your hand; a real puzzler!

During the telling of the story the two picture cards magically change places twice in the most bewildering manner or more times if you wish!

Santa Mystery is a real fun trick and available in two sizes A4 Giant Stage size and A5 Jumbo Parlour size cards.

Comes complete with instructions and routine including Eddie Burke’s exclusive handling for the Two-Card Monte suitable for both children & adults' performances.

Santa Mystery is very easy to do and comes with the necessary laminated cards and full instructions so that you can perform this straight away!

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