Fishy Tale - Jumbo A5 size

Fishy Tale - Jumbo A5 size

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This is the tale of your adventures in a fish restaurant and illustrated with a laminated plaque with the picture of a pink fish (salmon) which you order from the waiter, and as your tale unfolds the pink fish mysteriously changes into a yellow fish (Koi carp) which you insist that you didn't order.

This strange business of a pink fish changing into a yellow fish happens a number of times, until your audience is convinced that you are simply turning the plaque around as you pass it behind your back and both the children and several adults will be quick to point this out!

Imagine their surprise and applause at the end of your story, when you finally show the opposite side of the plaque showing just the head and tail of a fish with spine and fish bones, as you explain you were so hungry waiting for your fish dinner that you had to eat the yellow fish after all!

Fishy Tale is a colourful and effective self-contained trick that you will enjoy performing and do so many times.

We give you two routines one perfect for your children’s shows and another for family audiences.

Very easy to do and packs flat in the bottom of your case where it is always ready to perform.

We supply Fishy Tale in two different sizes; JUMBO A5 size suitable for parlour & small audiences and Giant A4 size for larger events.

Comes complete with full instructions all ready for you to introduce into your next show!

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