Comedy Horse Race - Mr E

Comedy Horse Race - Mr E

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Hilarious mental masterpiece suitable for both cabaret & stage performances with bags of audience participation!

Equally suited for children, family and adults’ audiences being ten minutes of riotous fun & laughter absolutely guaranteed!

Five spectators are invited forward to take part in a horse race; each is given an A4 picture of a different comedy cartoon horse to hang around their neck and each horse picture has a different comedy horse name printed on it!

They are off; the race is on and one by one four of the contestants are eliminated (no it is NOT the P.A.T.I.O or any other force) each is eliminated purely by chance in a game similar to musical chairs; until only one participating horse and spectator are left.

A large envelope that has been in full view right from the start holds your prediction and any spectator reads this out loud to show that you have correctly predicted the winning horse!

A fantastic fun effect that is easy to do! No skill save that of presentation is required. The results are always different at every show! No force of any kind is used; the winning horse is arrived at purely by chance.

Comes complete with cards, envelope, routine & instructions.

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