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One pack of playing cards, six possibilities and one amazing prediction! A BLOW THEM AWAY card prediction that is easy-to-do, always ready to go and guaranteed to fool!

In short, after announcing you have made a prediction, you remove a pack of playing cards from its box and lay out six cards faces upwards on the table. The spectator is asked to think of any one of the six cards and then push it forwards out of the line.

You have predicted the chosen card with 100% accuracy, and not only that but the prediction never left the spectator’s sight!

You will marvel at the simplicity and the downright deceptiveness of SIX.

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Using a principal familiar to magicians, Matthew has come up with a diabolically clever routine that packs a HUGE punch and leaves no stone unturned! THERE ARE NO FORCES OF ANY KIND! The spectator has an absolutely free choice of any card. This is a table-hopper’s dream, simply gather up the cards, put them into their box and you are all ready to go again!

Comes complete with everything you require to perform this miracle right out of the packet. You supply your own pack of Bicycle playing cards.

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