Predicta Girl - Mre

Predicta Girl - Mre

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Three eye-catching pictures of different attractive girls are displayed and placed into three shown empty window envelopes. Each envelope has a different coloured flash on its address side.

A prediction is given for safe keeping to a member of the audience, please note that you never touch this prediction again.

A spectator now chooses any of the pictures (no force) and this is placed in full view for the moment. The two pictures not chosen are now each shown to have a different girl’s name printed boldly on their backs; international names such as Fi-Fi and Me-Me & these pictures can be passed out for examination if you so wish.

The freely chosen girl’s picture is also shown and let us say the chosen name is displayed as Aliey. Your prediction which has never been out of sight for a moment is now displayed by any spectator and your prediction is shown in bold black letters; it reads ALIEY a most baffling and applause pulling climax!

Instead of a written prediction on paper you could use a postcard which when read out names of a blind date venue freely selected by a genuine audience member and signed by the chosen girl’s name, with a message such as: ‘Looking forward to meeting you John on our blind date at your chosen restaurant’ signed Aliey.

Or having any special message you care to write such as a Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Congratulations, etc. It’s the ideal effect for any and every event at which you perform.

The glamorous girl pictures are laminated for long life and measure A5 size (approx 5.5" x 7.5") large enough to be easily seen by your audience. The girl’s names are boldly printed on the back of each one.

•Predicta Girl is very easy to do.
•Packs flat in the bottom of your show bag.
•The glamour girls are guaranteed to catch your audience’s interest making this an applause pulling effect at low cost. Get yours today!

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