Astral Projection Newspaper Test! - Mre

Astral Projection Newspaper Test! - Mre

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Any spectator selects any of the current day’s newspapers with no force used. Meanwhile, you write a large bold prediction onto an artist’s pad, board, large card or what have you and leave it in full view. The participant freely pulls out any double sheet from the newspaper and then adds together the page numbers, which they announce out aloud.

Immediately your prediction is shown to be the exact total of these page numbers – but there is more.

The participant now tears the double sheet of newspaper into small pieces and one of theses pieces is freely selected (no force) and then impaled onto a large hatpin, held by another participant at a distance away from you, the performer.

You appear to go into some kind of a ‘trance’ in which you claim to be able to “project your astral” across the room and exactly duplicate a word or picture on the chosen piece of newspaper. This will send shivers down your audience’s spine!

Easy-to-do. Use any newspapers, spectators can even bring their own if you so wish.

Full sensational method is explained in the Mr. 'E' booklet.

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