Zodiac Absolutely Impossible - Mr E

Zodiac Absolutely Impossible - Mr E

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This is really the marriage of two different mental effects that gives the appearance of total mind control. If you search for a lifetime you will find NOTHING as powerful and direct.

Show a Zodiac Wheel (3.45”x 5.50”) plus 12 different black & white Zodiac cards (4”x 6”) and let anyone merely think of their own individual Zodiac sign.

You not only reveal the sign they are merely thinking of, but also show that you have controlled their mind to select the only Zodiac card in the twelve with a different coloured back!

This mystifying effect can be presented with the choice of any of the traditional twelve Zodiac signs; which can be freely thought of by any member of the audience, thus it is different every time.

Comes complete with laminated Zodiac Wheel card and twelve laminated Zodiac signs plus full picture-illustrated instructions

The cards can also be used to give effective readings if you so wish. Easy to do

Only £12.50

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