Escort Agency

Escort Agency

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Another great Mr. E mental effect involving several photograph cards of beautiful women from the Dreamgirl Escort Agency!

Give the pictures of these lovely girls to a male spectator to examine and shuffle to his heart’s content and then he mentally remembers the name of the one Dreamgirl that he fancies a date with. Nothing is written down and the pictures are now genuinely mixed & shuffled by him once more.

Mentally the spectator escorts his choice of Dreamgirl on two exciting dates; perhaps to a theatre show and a dinner date, the choice is his alone.

Imagine everyone’s amazement when you are able to read his thoughts and correctly reveal the name of the very Dreamgirl he has been merely thinking of but read on for there’s more amazement to follow.

Spelling the girl’s name one picture at a time; the girl arrived at turns out to be the very one that your spectator has been mentally dating!

•No force of the girl; it’s a different young woman each time.
•Spectator makes a free mental choice.
•No it is NOT the old magic age cards game.
•Very easy to do and cannot fail. No confederates or stooges.
•No sleight of hand, palming, double lifts or similar.
•Laminated cards are A6 size, large enough for intimate audiences.
•No advance preparation - it is always ready to perform!
•Ideal for table-hopping, parlour magic or television shows.

Comes complete with the laminated girl pictures, full routine and instructions.

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