Gemini Ring - Brass - Odd Bin

Gemini Ring - Brass - Odd Bin

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Just one left: This is a superb brass model of the popular Gemini Ring.

Perform impossible ring & rope penetration like you have never even imagined!

The special ring is made of brass and is very deceptive indeed. Comes with the correct type of rope for the effects and the Gemini Ring book by Chuck Leach.

Furthermore the vast amount of material already available for the Ellis Ring and Ring & String magic can be used with the Gemini ring!

Most important: By combining the Ellis Ring Principle with standard ring & string moves, you are able to create an entirely new realm of impossible magic!

Comes complete with the special brass Gemini Ring, rope and 20-page photo-illustrated booklet that contains instructions for the care & handling of your Gemini Ring, plus a simple and a more elaborate routine.

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