Hank the Pet Handkerchief

Hank the Pet Handkerchief

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"When my pet rock died I got a pet Handkerchief!" Hank the Pet Handkerchief is back again and better than ever! Hank is a comedy utility item for magicians and the poor man's vent doll! Can be used by entertainers in a variety of ways, the presentational possibilities are limited only by your own imagination.

* Use Hank for Coin Magic: Hank can be used to vanish and appear coins (a coin routine is included in the instructions) or use your favourite gaffed coins with Hank like Scotch & Soda, Hopping Half, Locking Coins, Two Copper One Silver, Expanded Shell Coins & more!

Instead of the coins vanishing or appearing in your plain old, boring hand, increase the entertainment by making the magic happen in Hank's mouth!

* Card Magic: A spectator selects a card, which is then lost in the deck. The deck is dropped into Hank's mouth, where he attempts to 'suck' the card to the top of the deck. He apparently fails, but when the deck is checked, the chosen card is found with bite marks! ("Bitten Cards" are included.)

* Sponge Balls: Use Hank with your favourite sponge ball tricks. He will bite a single sponge ball into two balls, make them vanish or appear. He'll bite a sponge ball into a square or rabbit shape, make a sponge ball grow. Or chew a sponge ball into lots of tiny balls!

* Thumb Tip Magic: Many of your favourite thumb tip tricks can be performed with Hank! Use Hank instead of your fist to vanish, change, restore or appear items! Imagine putting a lit cigarette into Hank's mouth! Ouch! Short pieces of yarn restore into one long piece in Hank's mouth!

* Rope Magic: Hank will chew a knot right off a rope. Burp him and the knot flies out of his mouth! He'll bite a rope in to two pieces, then 'knit' the ends back together using his teeth & tongue!

* MCs, Clowns & Vents can use Hank for humorous byplay with children; Hank will 'bite' a child's finger, crack corny jokes and lots more! Vents can use Hank as a poor man's ventriloquism doll. Or produce a mouth coil from Hank's mouth instead of your own. (Let's be serious, do you really want to put a Mouth Coil made in China or India in your mouth?

Includes: Hank the Pet Handkerchief; a quality gentleman's white handkerchief, approx. 16 inches square, with a colourful, open mouth silk-screened in the centre. Drape over your hand and use your fingers to open and close his mouth, making him talk, chew, swallow and so forth.

2 Bitten Cards, made with Bicycle, poker-size playing cards, one red back, one blue. Each card has bite marks. These are used with your own deck to perform the Bitten Card effect described above. Photo-illustrated instructions.

Note: The instructions detail many tricks that can be utilised with Hank. The extra tricks are not included. Provide your own coins, sponge balls, rope, thumb tip and deck of cards.

Easy to do and so versatile!

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