Professional Mental Secrets

Professional Mental Secrets

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SEVEN of Eddie’s favourite mental effects are released in this one booklet and there’s not a dud amongst them. A choice collection of ultra-sensational items that will not only entertain and bamboozle your audiences but will even baffle other members of the magical and mindreading fraternity as well! The superb contents include:

*Who Loves Ya Baby; A super comedy mindreading gag with a sensational baffling climax.

*Chair-Voyance; This is the very last word in the prediction of the very chair into which a volunteer spectator will sit himself.

*Clock A Card; The amazing prediction of a playing card. Ideal for your close-up shows. Very easy to do and using only simple props.

*Combination Lock Challenge; A sort of ‘just chance’ routine with a moneybox full of banknotes, and a combination lock. A terrific audience participation routine right out of Eddie’s own sensational show.

*Eye Witness; Revelation of a freely chosen playing card sealed inside an envelope. Perfect for close-up or walkabout work.

*Tarot Trio; The ideal routine for psychic parties this terrific effect uses an unfaked Tarot pack and a few unfaked envelopes. This is one for the ladies!

*The Cheque Challenge; Eddie Burke’s prize-winning effect, you gamble your full fee against failure. It's a nail biting sensation!

Eddie Burke’s Professional Mental Secrets is packed with routines, gags and wrinkles for the modern mentalist entertainer. One effect gleaned from this manual would be a profitable investment, yet this booklet contains a veritable gold mine of practical, workable effects for you to choose from. None of it is theory; they are ALL a result of years of actual live performances. Magicians, mentalists and other mystery workers can ill afford to be without a copy of this amazing book. It contains a wealth of valuable, workable information. Something for everybody, the beginner as well as the professional mindreader or magician. Eddie Burke’s invaluable Professional Mental Secrets should be in every working performer’s library.

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