What's My Job? - pocket size

What's My Job? - pocket size

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Perfect pocket-sized What's My Job is ideal for close-up, small parties and walkabout, very easy to do!

A spectator "freely" selects one picture of people in different jobs; doctor, chef, plumber, police officer, welder, fire fighter, artist, farmer and so forth.

A prediction envelope, which was in full view all the time, is now opened and you remove a picture of an infant in a baby bonnet. "And here is my prediction, the fire fighter - when he was just a baby!" Groans & laughter from your audience.

"Well he knew what he wanted to be when he grew up, and of course he decided to become a fire fighter!"

You pause for a moment and then turn the prediction picture of the baby around, now revealing on its opposite side the correct spectator's choice!

Everyone falls for it, both children & adults alike. Carry it in your pocket and perform it anywhere - any time for guaranteed laughter and amazement!

Comes complete with What's My Job spiral-bound picture book (approx 12.5cm X 11cm), prediction & instructions.

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