Breakfast Baffler - Mr E

Breakfast Baffler - Mr E

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Pattering about breakfast being the most important meal of the day you display eight different pictures of typical breakfasts, ranging from a simple cup of tea or coffee to a full Desperate Dan type breakfast.

Any spectator chooses any breakfast & this is placed upon their hand or the table in front of them. Please note: This is a perfectly free selection; no force is involved.

You now show the backs of the seven breakfast cards not selected, showing that each has a statement on it concerning calories.

The spectator turns over their freely selected breakfast card to find they have chosen the odd picture out with bold colourful letters forming the words 'GREEDY PIG!' permanently printed on the back of their freely chosen breakfast picture!

The effect is adaptable to the spectator’s own free choice, i.e. if they prefer a more Spartan breakfast such as a cup of coffee then all the other discarded pictures would have Greedy Pig! on them while the chosen picture is still the odd one out with the words 'Calorie Counting FREAK!'

Thus giving an alternative laugh finish to a super comedy effect! You can have the cards examined by the audience at the finish should you so wish.

No extra cards or sticky stuff is used. Easy to do. Quickly reset when table-hopping or similar.

Comes with eight laminated picture cards (size approx 4” x 5.75”) & instructions.

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