Adair's Pop Parade

Adair's Pop Parade

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A truly brilliant effect for the comedy or patter magician. Ideal for your children's shows.

A lightweight effect with loads of fun and audience participation that you will enjoy performing with the big 8" x 10" gaily coloured silk-screened cards.

You display three large cards showing the faces and the backs to your audience, these have a bright red back design. Their faces show three differently coloured drinks in elegant glasses. In your adults' show they represent liqueurs or cocktails. In your children's shows they represent glasses of pop!

Two of the cards are reversed and you get the children to imagine they are drinking delicious pop! They all have to suck; bags of fun here when you accuse someone of BLOWING instead of sucking, then there's the fun of getting lemonade in your eye!

When the first card is turned back around it is seen that the lemonade has mysteriously vanished and the glass is now EMPTY!

"Let's try the Raspberry" you say. More sucking from the children but this time the drink is still there, wait though, there's a great surprise when it is seen that the drink really HAS gone, leaving a cut-out with the back of the other card showing through it - everyone loves this.

One card remains & this time the children suck and blow the pop back again but they are not impressed and demand to see the front of the third card and when you turn it about there is no pop on the opposite side instead its the picture of YOUR POP - a funny-looking gentleman with a red tie & nose to match, wearing a formal top hat!

One simple move that you already know and performed only once, in conjunction with the special cards this works the whole effect! You'll vote this tops in entertainment, magic and value.

Comes complete with all the cards, instructions and Adair's superb routine.

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