Cut No-Cut Scissors - Odd Bin

Cut No-Cut Scissors - Odd Bin

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You can use these super scissors normally to cut paper, rope, ribbon, cards or any similar items. Yet when you hand them to a spectator they just FREEZE in their hands!

If you hand them to him open he cannot close them.
If you hand them to him closed he cannot open them.

There have been several models & varieties of similar scissors over the years, I have used the Golden Fun Shears marketed by Supreme some years ago.

The set we now supply is gimmicked in a different and most ingenious manner; and even on close inspection the locking arrangement is not apparent.

I used it for the cut & restored rope trick and afterwards I then offered to teach a spectator how it was done.

No matter how he tried to cut the rope he could not. First the scissors were locked closed. So I opened them for him and performed the trick again of cutting & restoring the rope.

Leaving the scissors open he had another try but this time he couldn't cut the rope because the scissors would not close.

So I cut bits off the end of the rope to show him that the scissors worked until only a small piece of rope was left, "Sorry I cannot teach you the trick because we have run out of rope!"

Comes with the heavy-duty silver-plated Scissors approx 22cm long & instructions.

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