Half Die - Double Die

Half Die - Double Die

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Here is an easy to do close-up trick that will give both you and your audiences twice the fun!

Two spectators each choose a face down playing card from some spread out on the table.

Each spectator now rolls a die in turn. You ask them to add the top and bottom numbers rolled on the die and then one divides their total in half and the other one doubles their total.

You state the chosen cards will match their final numbers and reveal a 3 1/2 of Clubs and a Fourteen of Diamonds - both being a perfect match of the two spectators' numbers!

The above is a very basic routine; four fantastic routines are possible!

Comes with six 14 of Diamonds cards, six 3 1/2 of Clubs cards, die & instructions. Perfect for both beginners and experienced magicians and NEVER fails!

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