Six-Bill Repeat

Six-Bill Repeat

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Talking about a recent trip to the United States of America, you remove a stack of dollar bills (banknotes) from your wallet and count them one at a time showing you have exactly six $50 bills that you got for your last show.

You deal three bills upon the table or into a hat or bucket, then count them again and you still have six bills left!

You continue to discard three bills at a time, but each time you count the remaining bills you still have SIX left!

An amusing effect that gets funnier and even more spectacular as the trick goes on!

Why not display six fifty dollar bills, which you got for last last show. Your wife (or friend) believes in "fifty-fifty" so she spends half.

But you know your magic; and you still have six left.

Repeat that over and over again, and any audience will be impressed.

Comes complete with instructions, two routines & a set of quality imitation banknotes.

Please note: If you are left-handed then you may have to practice doing the trick right-handed. Otherwise the trick will take practically no practice at all.

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