Mental Hypnosis - Jumbo size

Mental Hypnosis - Jumbo size

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A stunning effect with a ‘mental hypnosis’ flavour that appears completely impossible and yet you will be able to perform this just as soon as you receive it and have read the instructions.

Twenty half jumbo size playing cards are given out to be examined and shuffled. During the mesmerising presentation that follows, two members of your audience each mentally and I will repeat that MENTALLY select one of the half cards. You pass a prediction to another audience member to keep safely.

It is clear to the audience that you cannot have any idea of the half cards they have each mentally selected as everything seems so fair and above board.

Each participant is now given all of the packet of half cards to sort out the half card that he MENTALLY chose and hold them with the card faces towards their chests – at this stage you, the performer, still don’t know which half cards the spectators have mentally selected.

Imagine the incredible impact when the spectators themselves each turn over their half card for they prove to be THE TWO HALVES OF THE VERY SAME CARD and what is more YOU HAVE CORRECTLY PREDICTED THAT VERY SELF SAME CARD. Mental Hypnosis!

•No stooges or confederates only genuine audience members are used. The participants are NOT hypnotised. No advance work.
•You can be at the other side of the room when they mentally think of their half card, it makes no difference.
•Once the spectators remove their halves you do not touch them – the spectators do all the work.

No fake cards, no phony moves and no sleight of hand are used. It’s pure mental magic or could it be hypnosis?

Comes complete with twenty Jumbo half cards plus instructions.

Also available in close-up bridge size cards and giant stage size cards. Please see elsewhere on this website.

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