Two Timer

Two Timer

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You show two packs of playing cards one with red backs and the other with blue backs. The cards are shuffled and a spectator is given a free choice of either pack, you take the other one.

Each of you takes the cards behind your back (or under the table) out of sight.

You each reach into the centre of your pack and remove one card, turn it face upwards, inserting it into the centre of the pack and then bringing the packs to the front once again.

Imagine everyone’s amazement when you both spread the cards face down to show a face-up card in the centre of each pack;

Startling effect number 1: Both face-up cards exactly match each other.

Startling effect number 2: When the two selected cards are turned face down the card in the blue pack has a RED back while the card in the red pack has a BLUE back!

Startling effect number 3: One of the packs are spread face upwards and each and every one of the cards are BLANK FACED.

Startling effect number 4 & grand climax: The other pack is now turned face upwards and spread showing each card has exactly the same face totally different to the selected cards!

Chosen cards can be different at every performance, takes only a moment to reset.

Comes complete with the two packs of quality Bicycle playing cards, changes of selected cards & instructions.

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