Crystal Gazer Mre

Crystal Gazer Mre

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The name of a spectator’s chosen card, number or colour magically appears in the Crystal Gazer’s BLANK crystal ball!

Taking a packet of visiting-card size business cards (2” x 3.5”) each of which have a picture of a turbaned mystic gazing mysteriously into a blank crystal ball (note NOT the picture as in the illustration), you ask a spectator to sign his name or make his mark underneath the crystal and for double security also on the back of the card.

The spectator keeps the card concealed between his palms and a playing card is selected by a second spectator from a pack of 52. Let us say for example the chosen card is the Six of Spades.

A few mystic passes and when the first spectator next looks at the picture of the Crystal Gazer they will be amazed to find the name or picture of the chosen card has mysteriously appeared, in permanent writing, inside the Crystal Ball!

Instead of playing cards you could have a number, colour or even a personal message i.e. ‘I You’ or ‘I fancy U’ or just about anything you desire could appear in the Crystal – and the spectator can keep the card with their signature still intact back & front as a souvenir.

You could write or attach a little sticker with your name & telephone number to the card as a reminder of the clever magician who entertained and baffled them in this amazing manner!

The playing card, message etc can be different each time you perform the effect and so it is perfect to use at parties and when table-hopping. Reset it in a moment.

Comes with the quality blank Crystal Gazer Cards – sufficient for ten performances, & instructions. Use your own playing cards. Very easy to do!

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