Diary of Deception

Diary of Deception

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The PERFECT diary trick!

You show a single diary allowing any spectator to look through it as you explain that each birthdate has its own ‘lucky playing card’ written inside, but as the year has 365 days and there are only 52 playing cards, most are repeated a few times throughout.

Next you show a deck of blue-backed playing cards showing them faces upwards so that everyone can see it is a full pack and all the 52 cards are displayed. (Card backs may vary using a red-backed deck).

Anyone looks up their lucky card in the diary, names it out loud and you locate that card placing it face upwards in front of the participant.

Now you show that the pack consists of blue backed cards spreading them out for all to see.

The spectator turns over their ‘lucky card’ and it is seen to be the only one that has a different coloured back – an amazing prediction!

If you wish their red-backed card could have a message on it such as Happy Birthday, Congratulations or even That’s Magic!

Please note the following points:

*The deck is a full one with all 52 cards.
*No rough & smooth or cards stuck together.
*The diary is unfaked but not as illustrated, you write the card names into it yourself. You can use your own diary if you prefer.
*Only ONE diary and ONE deck is involved.
*No calculations required - very easy to do.
*Resets in a moment, repeat it immediately.
*Ideal for table-hopping, cabaret or stage.

Comes complete with Bicycle poker cards, pocket sized diary & instructions.

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