Eyes of the Unknown

Eyes of the Unknown

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This astounding effect of famous Ted Annemann’s was originally sold as an exclusive manuscript at a very high price indeed. It is re-released here, together with a superb extra idea that makes this a bewildering demonstration of apparent supernatural powers of seeing in the dark.

In absolute darkness without any outside assistance or secret light source, you are able to read messages written by spectators with their own pens or pencils. There is no limit to what may be written, numbers, names, questions, pictures, words – almost anything!

Writing materials can be examined and are completely unfaked. Positively no lights or luminous paints, chemicals or similar things are used – and yet you can reveal every word.

No sleights, no delicate preparation and no assistants are needed with Ted Annemann’s positive foolproof mystery routine, the acknowledged master of all things mysterious.

Plus a bonus effect: A committee of spectators hide any article inside a darkened room – a ring, pen or just about anything small. Yet in complete darkness you can correctly locate the hidden article without lights of any kind!

If you wish to run ‘séances’ or attend late night parties then you must obtain this pamphlet of fascinating and almost forgotten knowledge.

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