Your Ring - My Trick

Your Ring - My Trick

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One of the most effective penetrations in the world of magic!

The performer shows both sides of a handkerchief. Then he borrows a finger ring from any member of the audience and the ring is covered by the handkerchief.

The ring thus covered by the handkerchief is handed over to the spectator and the spectator holds the ring through the cloth.

The performer then introduces a magic wand, takes back the handkerchief with the ring inside and hands over the magic wand.

The spectator holds the magic wand with each hand at its two ends. The handkerchief is then rolled around the centre of the wand.

Suddenly the performer pulls away the handkerchief by holding one corner and the ring is found threaded at the centre of the wand!

Comes complete with the magic wand (11"; 28cm long) with gold coloured tips, special handkerchief full instructions. Easy to do!

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