It's In The Bag - Mre

It's In The Bag - Mre

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A different way to perform Annemann's famous Pseudo Psychometry! One of the strongest effects in Mentalism is Pseudo Psychometry, now it is brought right up to date using five strong craft bags (6.5"x 6.75" x 3.5"). What could look more natural?

Five members of your audience are each given a simple black craft bag with tie string handles. Each of them is invited to drop some small article from about their person inside their bag, things like keys, coins, banknotes, wallets, rings, phones – in fact anything they like.

You turn your back to them whilst this is done so that you can have no idea who has put what into their bag.

Once they have all concealed their own personal object they tie the top of the bag.

A sixth spectator now collects all the bags and mixes them thoroughly so that no one can possibly know which item belongs to which participant.

The bags are passed to you one by one and using your “psychic powers” or your highly developed instinct you correctly return each of the objects to their owners!

It’s In The Bag offers every opportunity for psychic readings and lends itself to both hilarious comedy and audience participation.

Makes the ideal second spot in your show whilst taking up very little room in your show bag & is great for extending your act when requested to do so by your bookers or management.

We include TWO different climaxes that you will love!

The bags can be used on repeat shows again and again but once you know the clever secret you can easily prepare a fresh set in minutes should they become a little worn with time. No secret nail nicks or marks are made on the five bags; participants handle the bags quite freely during the performance. No peeking on your part!

Comes with five special craft bags, instructions & suggested routines.

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