Let's Have A Drink - Mre

Let's Have A Drink - Mre

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A super routine that can be carried in your pocket and performed on your mates at the pub, club or indeed anywhere that alcohol is being served!

You show four laminated cards (about A6 size 100 x 140mm) each of which has a picture of a brain with a question mark inside it.

These are laid out on the table and your spectator selects one for himself and keeps it safe sight-unseen underneath his hand.

The other three cards are now shown in turn and the first shows a colourful line up of alcohol bottles with the bold message in red: Let’s Have a DRINK.

The second card is now turned over alongside the first one showing an enthusiastic face with an ideas light bulb over his head and also a bold message in yellow: That’s a GREAT Idea.

The third card is turned to show a number of banknotes with a bold green message: Who PAYS?

Your spectator who selected a card earlier now turns his selection over showing a cheerful face and with the bold red message: I WILL!

The perfect ending to your close-up magic demonstration!

Comes complete with all cards (approx 100mm x 140mm) & instructions.

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