Zodiac Revolution Plus - Sold out

Zodiac Revolution Plus - Sold out

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Read minds just like an actual mind reader would! Zodiac Revolution was just that - a revolutionary way to perform the classic Zodiac sign effect invented by Bob Farmer & made popular by Ray Grismer, T.A. Waters & others. The original routine was featured on Richard Osterlind's popular DVD set No Camera Tricks.

Now we have made significant changes to this already-great routine with Zodiac Revolution Plus. With the materials supplied, all memory work has been eliminated and the working has been streamlined to make it that much more direct and at the same time, incredibly easy to do!

You walk out on stage and ask six members of the audience to stand and, showing them a full-colour Zodiac Sign Chart, you ask each to simply THINK of their Zodiac sign.

Picking up a clipboard, you ask the group just a few questions. With nothing more than that, you name all six signs! Then, as a show-stopping follow-up, you pick out one person and write their exact birthday upon the paper!

Remember, you can do this anywhere! There is no pre-show work, no electronics & no accomplices. With just a few questions, directed to the entire group, you get all six signs just like that! And, for the finale, you either verbally announce, or write down on your paper, one person's exact birthday!

We have also included advanced ideas to hide the actual secret.

With the Zodiac Revolution Plus outfit you'll receive a comprehensive booklet explaining every nuance of the full Zodiac Revolution Plus routine, greatly expanded from the original, a beautiful 11 X 17 Zodiac Chart printed on heavy stock that folds flat for convenient storage and transport, & a special template for you to prepare your "secret something" for actual performances.

The most amazing thing is you will be able to do this miraculous & advanced routine as soon as you read the instructions! There is no memory work or complicated computing necessary. 1 in stock.

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