Purse Frame - with routines

Purse Frame - with routines

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These small metal purse frames with fastening clasps are ideal to fit into your pocket.

Show the empty metal frame and open the clasps and then reach inside to produce your sponge balls, coins, dice and any small apparatus to perform your next effect with!

Always produces a laugh, gets attention and creates an air of a mystery that the magic is about to begin.

Why not magically produce several items one after the other from your invisible purse our exclusive instructions explain how.

Or have a card selected and signed by a spectator. You attempt to find the card to no avail. In desperation you reach into your magic purse frame and remove a folded card which when the spectator unfolds it proves to be the one they freely selected and signed.

Comes with the Purse Frame, 2.5" x 1.5", instructions & suggested routines. Easy to do! Frame may vary slightly to the one shown in the picture.

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