Psychic Numerology - Mr E close-up model

Psychic Numerology - Mr E close-up model

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Greek mathematician Pythagoras (570-495 BC) believed that various numbers had different properties; odd numbers were masculine & even numbers feminine. He deduced that numbers formed the basis of all life!

With this introduction you show five cards with the numbers one through to ten on both sides, pointing out that many thousands of combinations are possible using just these ten basic numbers.

The number cards are sealed in opaque envelopes and mixed by a spectator. They are then laid out in a row in any order and any way up that your spectator desires. It is clear that no one could possibly know the total of the numbers arrived at.

Passing your hand over each envelope you either announce out loud a total or alternatively write a total down on a card or piece of paper.

Without you touching the cards or envelope your spectator removes the numbers from the envelopes and adds the uppermost digits together. Incredibly you have revealed the exact total!

Can be immediately repeated and it is always a different result, yet you always predict this with incredible accuracy.

Nothing is faked so everything can be examined without a clue to your mystery. Easy to do.

Can be effectively presented as mind reading, prediction, clairvoyance or a marvellous mental trick – the choice is yours! And you can even repeat it straight away!

Comes complete with laminated cards, unfaked envelopes & instructions. Nothing else is used save the cards & envelopes, no beads, threads, special marks, magnets or differing colours - nothing save the examinable cards and opaque unfaked envelopes!

We supply Psychic Numerology in two sizes; approx playing card size for close-up & 130 x 200 cm for larger audiences.

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