Spiked News!

Spiked News!

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Read all about it! An incredible mind reading feat you can perform anywhere – anytime.

From any newspaper, even a borrowed one, tear out a few small pieces and allow a spectator to choose just one piece.

Hand him a small metal spike and instruct them to push it through the selected sheet of paper and then to concentrate on a word that the spike has penetrated or is nearby.

Slowly, as if reading their mind, you reveal the word they are concentrating on, a few letters at a time – finally announcing the very word selected!

Use any borrowed newspaper or magazine that is lying around – you need not see it in advance, plus the small spike that we supply which you carry inside a matchbox in your pocket. Nothing else is required and there is no advance preparation. Don’t be put off by the low price!

*Always ready to perform absolutely no preparation required.
*The spike is completely unfaked – you could use a borrowed pin if you prefer.
*Very easy-to-do.

Only £8.00

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