Tarot Mental

Tarot Mental

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Here is one of our favourite mental Tarot effects that is always very well received, especially by the ladies in the audience.

You hand out a number of Tarot cards which can be inspected by the audience as they are all different. A lady now thoroughly mixes the cards and then merely thinks of one of them while your back is turned.

Following this, the lady loses the freely selected card among the others.

Taking the cards back and without any funny business, sleight of hand or false moves you give the lady a short reading from the fan of cards and then finally reveal her mentally selected card to everyone’s complete and utter amazement.

Can immediately be repeated with another lady (or gentleman) mentally thinking of yet another card.

Please note:
•Ordinary Tarot cards are used which can even be borrowed, however we supply a mixed packet of ten Royal Tarot Cards, which are easily carried in your pocket ready for you to perform!
•Regular and jumbo playing cards can also be used (not supplied, use your own).
•The foolproof method is easy to do and you will be performing it straight away. Positively no force or secret glimpse is used; it really is a free mental choice!

Can be presented as a straight forward mental effect without the psychic-style reading if you prefer.

Comes complete with suggested routine, ten Tarot cards & instructions.

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