Tarot Royal Five

Tarot Royal Five

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The ladies in your audience are always intrigued with Tarot cards especially if you can reveal their meaning AND also the name of the card they are only thinking in their mind!

You shuffle 25 Royal Tarot cards mixing them well and then deal out five hands for five spectators using all 25 cards. Each participant takes their cards and mentally thinks of any one. There are no restrictions or forces used, each of the five people is thinking of a different Tarot card. They do not share their thoughts with anyone else.

All the cards are now mixed and cut and then laid out on the table where everyone can see them whilst each participant continues to think of their freely thought of card.

You apparently read each of their minds and if you do readings you also revealing some of the card meanings, and then finally revealing the exact card that each are merely thinking of!

Five minds are read under seeming impossible conditions!

Now please note the following:
•We supply 25 mixed Royal Tarot Cards but you can use any cards you wish; borrowed cards, your favourite Tarot pack, even playing cards.
•Can be performed as straight mentalism without any readings.
•Spectators merely mentally choose their cards and don’t tell anyone or write them down unless they wish to do so.
•Very easy to learn, a couple of practice runs are all that you will need.
•The only solution appears to be genuine mind reading!

Comes complete with a packet of 25 mixed Royal Tarot cards & instructions.

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