Decisions and Desires Mre

Decisions and Desires Mre

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A spectator chooses one jumbo card suit from among the four & that card is the only winner or loser as YOU decide! Once you know this clever secret many different effects are possible:

•The Magic Kiss: Four outstanding prizes are on the back of the cards; a World Cruise, £1 million pounds etc. The lady wins a Magic Kiss!

•Champagne Challenge: Place a bottle of Champagne on view. A spectator chooses their card with the cards in their own hands. Three are WIN cards – but the one they choose says LOSE!

•Birthday Wishes: The birthday boy or girl correctly chooses the card that has Happy Birthday written on its back – while the others say Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, and Happy Anniversary. Interchangeable to suit the occasion!

•Children’s Shows: Three children each win a lollipop or a balloon, while the birthday boy or girl wins the Magical Star Prize!

•Prediction: One card is chosen from among the four suits and you have predicted that very card. Three cards have Wrong Card written on their backs while the chosen card says You will pick ME!

All four cards used can be examined; no sleight of hand is used just four cards (no extras) and the subtle secret that works every time!

Comes with three sets of four Jumbo cards so that you can use them for your own three favourite routines and you will soon have many ideas of your own!

Decisions & Desires is a very versatile effect with endless possibilities for stage, cabaret and close-up shows.

Comes complete with routines & instructions. Easy to do!

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