Snake Out

Snake Out

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Snake Out is a NEW version of a delightful cabaret and stage effect now suitable for your close-up and table-hopping shows!

Two colourful green & white pocket sized snake pictures are shown, together with a pack of playing cards which can be shuffled.

The cards are now dealt individually face down until someone calls stop and the first snake is inserted in the deck at this point.

This is repeated for the second snake and in this manner the two cards next to the snakes are taken by two members of the audience.

The first Snake now correctly reveals the suits of the two chosen cards. The second Snake is supposed to reveal the values of the chosen cards, however it shows only one value of NINE and this does NOT correspond with either of the spectators’ chosen cards; one has chosen a four-spot & the other a five-spot card!
However, you are able to show both snakes are correct in a clever and guaranteed laughter provoking manner, as you explain that both the Snakes are Adders!

We give you two sets of Snake cards enabling you to repeat the trick with a different choice of cards for repeat performances or so that you may vary the choice when table-hopping.

We also suggest two different ways of presenting this baffling but comical effect. You can use any deck of cards (even a borrowed one). We give you a stunning additional climax using a Blank Faced pack. No sleight of hand required & the trick is very easy to do.

Comes with four Snake pictures (2.5" x 3.5") & instructions.

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