More Professional Mental Secrets

More Professional Mental Secrets

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Again, new and original routines and exciting mental effects brought to you by the very experienced magician, mindreader and hypnotist Eddie Burke. More Professional Mental Secrets contains a further SEVEN, time-proven, audience-tested psychic effects. Most of these routines could have been catalogued and sold by their originator at many times the price asked for this superb booklet, the second of the successful series Professional Mental Secrets.

The seven mental gems included are:
*Predict-a-Town: You predict the very town or city selected in an extremely fair manner by any member of your audience. Truly a winner.
*Cards for Diana: Al Koran’s famous ‘Princess Card Trick’ both simplified and updated so that you can add it to your repertoire.
*Seven Keys to Boredom: How to NOT bore your audience, with Annemann’s 7 Keys effect for you to add superb entertainment value – plus, a terrific updated method that you will want to use on every show.
*Fan-Tastic: A spectator merely “thinks of any card in a fan”, yet you are immediately able to reveal the thought-of card. Use any pack, even a borrowed one. No advance set up and so ideal for the walkabout performer.
*Zodiac Question: If you do close-up or walkabout shows or Psychic Fayres, then this is an absolute must have item. The ladies love it. Not only do you reveal their Zodiac Sign, but also you answer any secretly thought of question on their mind. Nothing is written down.
*Can Can Mentalism: Using your ‘psychic power’ you successfully locate a lady’s hidden wedding ring. Then, giving her husband the ‘power’ also, he is able to locate the hidden wedding ring as well. Includes a very important force routine that you will be delighted to learn, as it will be useful in so many other tricks.
*Card-iac Arrest: This truly is worth double the price of the entire book to any working performer. It’s ideal for cabaret, clubs, theatres, close-up & walkabout entertainers. What more could you ask for? It is the revelation of playing cards in the most novel and entertaining manner EVER. Looks to the entire world like the real thing, yet is very easy to do.

Also included is a special deck arrangement, which is indispensable to any performer.

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