Tarot Pro-Dict

Tarot Pro-Dict

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Tarot cards were introduced in Italy around the 14th century and were used by the Romans to predict the future. Tarot is the most popular method of giving readings, mainly perhaps, because of its visual appeal.

From your own or a borrowed Tarot pack your client or participant freely removes any five cards from the Major Arcana, these are mixed & shuffled and you write out a prediction on any handy piece of paper or your business card.

The spectator chooses a number from one to five which is then used to turn faces upwards four of the cards, one by one, from which you give your reading.

One card is still face down as you explain that this is the wishing card. The spectator makes a secret wish and then your prediction is read out loud. You predict that only one card will cause the wish to come true and the card is named in your prediction, let us suppose it is “The Sun!”

The single face down Tarot card is turned over by the client and proves to be the very card named in your prediction in this example The Sun. Proof positive that the secret wish will indeed come true!

Any five cards from any Tarot or regular deck can be freely selected by the participant and used for the reading and your prediction. However we also supply five cards from the Major Arcana, which you can carry in your pocket so that you are always ready to perform.

We also provide the correct key words for all the 22 cards of the Major Arcana with their splendid pictorial figures that are said to contain symbolically all of life’s mysteries, to aid your readings!

You can perform Tarot Pro-Dict either as a reading or an unusual and entertaining prediction. It is always ready to perform!

Comes complete with five colourful Tarot cards & instructions.

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