Fooled Again - stage & parlour jumbo size

Fooled Again - stage & parlour jumbo size

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You display three jumbo sized playing cards, the 8H, AS & 5D in a fan and then conceal the three cards under a hanky or inside an envelope.

You remove the 8H and the 5D, showing both sides of both cards, and then put them to one side claiming the AS has vanished.

The audience are not fooled and soon tell you that the AS is still under the hanky.

After a little by play the card under the hanky is reluctantly removed and it has 'FOOLED' printed on it.

Still not convinced the spectators ask to see the other side of the card.

A little more by play and you turn the card over to reveal the words 'FOOLED AGAIN'. The AS is finally "found" in your pocket!

Comes with illustrated instructions, the special set of Jumbo sized cards and the envelope or you can use your own handkerchief or covering cloth.

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