Wonder Glass large

Wonder Glass large

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Now BIGGER & better than ever! This superb prop will open many magical moments in your performances.

Any liquid in a glass visibly diminishes from a full glass to a fraction of the original contents!

You can use it in the traditional manner of pouring a glass full of liquid into a paper cone, from where it vanishes without a trace!

Or hold the glass at arm's length and then place a straw in your mouth without the opposite end of it going anywhere near the glass. Then as you suck through the straw the liquid visibly diminishes.

Comes with the sturdy plastic 'glass' (5" high x 3" in diameter) which opens for easy cleaning, instructions & many ideas.

Overseas: This item is heavy/bulky & will require extra postage to your country. Before ordering please check with us what extra postage will be needed. Thank you.

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