Name That Baby - Plus! - A5 size - Mre

Name That Baby - Plus! - A5 size - Mre

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You show a folder that is left in full view as your prediction. A number of cards are now shown to have the names of various film & entertainment stars (mostly dead), and one of these is selected in a very fair manner. The chosen name is announced – let us say it is “Elvis Presley”.

Taking up the prediction you say, “Wouldn't you be amazed if this card had a picture of Elvis on it? well it does. It’s a picture of Elvis when he was six months old!”

So saying the card is lifted up out of the envelope and shown to be a picture of a cute looking baby!

After the groans this always produces you add, “I can see that you don’t believe this is Elvis – well see for yourself – his picture is printed on the opposite side!”

So saying the baby picture is now turned around to show a colourful Elvis Presley picture together with his full name on the opposite side.

But the audience still suspects there are other baby pictures hidden inside the folder and you confirm this by opening the folder and showing that their suspicions are correct.

However, imagine your audience’s reaction when you turn all these baby pictures around to show each and every one of them also has a picture of Elvis, the King of rock & roll!

It’s a super multi-prediction applause cue that brings the house down every time! It’s also a startling magical climax to a superb comedy mental routine. Another Mr. E comedy winner that is easy to do. Packs neatly at the bottom of your case and is always ready to perform!

Comes with the name cards, laminated pictures, folder plus instructions, in a choice of two sizes: A4 size for larger audiences and A5 size for parlour & close-up.

To order the A5 close-up size (approx 200mm x 140mm) please click here:

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