The Missing Hat

The Missing Hat

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Mr. E Enterprises proudly present from the brilliant mind of the creator of Out Of This World another devastating effect!

It is a fascinating story that you illustrate with laminated printed picture cards of eight magicians and eight top hats.

The magicians were all attending a meeting and leaving their hats in the cloakroom but unfortunately one hat is stolen!

When the magicians (who have been safely held by a spectator) leave the meeting one by one they still each take a hat home with them – as if by magic!

The effect is truly astonishing – in fact, you will probably baffle yourself the first time you perform it.

Perfect for close-up and small groups it is always ready to perform – anywhere at any time. Positively no skill is required. You will want to show The Missing Hat to everyone!

Comes complete and ready to work with full instructions specially printed & A6 laminated cards (approx 100mm x 140mm).

Only £8.49

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