Paper to Money - Blank Notes to Banknotes

Paper to Money - Blank Notes to Banknotes

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With the new polymer notes in circulation we have found that this effect is best performed in the UK with Dollar bills and the following patter.

Mentioning your trip to the USA you show some blank pieces of paper, explaining that due to criminal activities the banks are issuing these to all travellers.

The blank papers are shown on both sides as you tell your story. You explain that when you need some dollars the Blank Notes will instantly change, with a shake, to banknotes.

As you talk the blank sheets of paper instantly become Dollar bills in the most startling manner!

The bills can also be shown back and front and then whenever you wish you can change them back to blank papers and place them safely into your wallet or pocket once again!

Comes complete with the special papers, realistic looking Dollar bills & instructions.

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