Awesome Foursome - Jumbo size

Awesome Foursome - Jumbo size

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You show ‘four of a kind’ jumbo playing cards, for example the four Aces or four mixed cards each a different suit(the cards may vary from set to set) and claim that you will mentally transmit the suit of one card from yours to a spectator’s mind.

The spectator names the suit that they have ‘mentally received from you’ for example “Clubs!” You remove the club card and leave it face outwards in full view.

The backs of the other three cards are now shown to all be blue ones and your audience think they know what is coming next – yes you do turn the card so they can see the back is a different colour but you were so confident that you would be successful that fastened to the back of the card is a genuine £50 (or other value if you prefer) banknote that you have bet on a successful outcome!

Only four cards are used and the selection is not forced in any way. Positively a completely free choice! No matter which of the cards is selected it is a 100% outcome. The cards never leave the audience’s sight.

Participants do NOT have to leave their seats so the effect is the ideal opener but it can be performed anywhere in your act. No banknotes supplied, use your own.

Guaranteed completely practical and utterly baffling, but very easy to do! Highly recommended!

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