Hotel - Odd Bin Item - SOLD OUT

Hotel - Odd Bin Item - SOLD OUT

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If you're looking for a piece of mentalism that fits in your pocket but packs a devastating punch with not one but TWO effects then Hotel, by Ludovic Mignon, is for you!

You give the spectator an envelope containing a prediction. You then hand the spectator a stack of business cards you've collected from various hotels you've stayed at over the years.

While your back is turned, the spectator goes through the cards one at a time, he chooses one and drops it in its pocket. Once you turn back around to face the spectator, you immediately know which hotel he has chosen!

Now you decide to take the experiment to the next level. The spectator goes through the stack of business cards once more & again he stops on the card of his choice. You then ask him to open the envelope, in which he finds a room key from the hotel he has just selected!

Key features:
*Totally realistic props *Devastating impact on spectators
*Can be performed anywhere, under any conditions Spectators really have a free choice

Comes with business cards from various hotels around the world, 20-page instruction booklet with advice on presentation, additional tips and so on & a real hotel room key designed specifically for this trick.

"I own 3 sets of Ludo Mignon's Hotel cards! He has taken a timeless principle, updated it with a modern theme, supplied absolutely top-class props & added a number of secret "some things" to create a sensational effect. This is Mentalism at its finest! The secret is undetectable, everything is open & above board and yet you still read your spectator's mind and then make a great prediction. I highly recommend this package to every mentalist!" Richard Osterlind.

"Hotel packs the impact of a full blown stage piece into your jacket pocket! The method is brilliantly structured and allows for a deeply fooling demonstration. This is an excellent addition to any working performers arsenal of miracles." -Luke Jermay. 1 in stock.

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