Colourful Flash Numbers

Colourful Flash Numbers

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Predict the numbers on a lucky lottery ticket with ease - and give one away at every performance. We tell you how with these Colourful Flash Jumbo size Number Cards!

No matter if you wish to read minds, predict the Lottery or perform amazing calculations these large, colourful and professional Flash Number Cards are ideal for all magical entertainers!

The laminated cards have colourful numbers that run from one to fifty-two with blank backs & can be freely handled and clearly seen by your audience.

BINGO or LOTTERY: The Flash Number Cards are shuffled and mixed by audience members and several cards chosen and yet you can accurately name each selected number or alternatively reveal or predict the winning Bingo or Lottery line. No it’s not the tossed out deck method, you do correctly reveal each number chosen – no ifs, ands or buts!

MINDREADING: Reveal selected numbers with ease and NO the cards are not marked in any way!

PREDICTIONS: Predict one, two or several selected numbers in advance.

LUCKY NUMBERS: Give readings from spectator’s lucky numbers – and predict the number they have freely cut to!

MENTALISTS: Many mentalists don’t like to use playing cards so these Flash Number Cards are the perfect alternative with which to perform your favourite tricks.

DIFFERENT NUMBERS are selected each time you perform these routines, thus each of your repeat performances will be completely different.

Comes with a packet of 52 numbered Flash Cards (approx 4” x 5.5”, 10cm x 13.5cm), instructions, routines and suggestions for their use.  

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