Half a Lady - Mre

Half a Lady - Mre

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Half a Lady is a fabulous comedy card revelation suitable for close-up, cabaret or stage performances and a guaranteed laughter maker!

You display three jumbo-sized playing cards back outwards, left in full view of your audience as your predictions.

Three spectators each select a playing card from your regular pack as you explain that you are not yet a full member of your magic club, but only a half member and so the rules say that you must only predict HALF of the value of any chosen cards.

You correctly reveal the first spectator’s card as a DIAMOND card and then you ask him to name the value and the spectator names it as the Eight of Diamonds.

You show that you have correctly half predicted this as you show your first prediction card is the Four of Diamonds!

Next you correctly name your second spectator’s CLUB card and they reveal the value as the Seven of Clubs.

The audience laugh thinking you have run into difficulties with your half value rule but no you reveal your prediction as the Three & a Half of Clubs a certain laughter and applause cue for your audience.

One last card and one last prediction which you correctly reveal is a Heart card and you again ask for the value, the spectator names this as the Queen of Hearts!

You continue, “How on earth do I predict half the value of a Queen, maybe a princess – no, half a Queen must be half a lady!” So saying, you turn over the last prediction card to show that you are again spot on; the card is a HALF QUEEN OF HEARTS! Tarah!

Comes with the three special A5 size laminated comedy jumbo prediction playing cards & full instructions.

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