Essential E.S.P

Essential E.S.P

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Here is a fantastic ESP routine using just nine cards – three of which have the letter E, three have S and the last three have P printed upon them.

The printing is bold, eye catching and colourful and the cards have been laminated for long life so that they can easily be cleaned with a soft damp cloth in between shows if needed.

There are four phases to the routine in which first you exactly match the cards laid face down by a spectator.

Then the spectator exactly matches the cards laid face downwards by you!

At each matching the effect becomes more and more impossible until at the finish it appears that both you and the spectator truly have Extra Sensory Perception!

Do please note:

*Only the nine cards are used, nothing else – no extra cards, rough & smooth, sticky substances or anything similar.
*Always at hand, just take them from your pocket and you are all ready to perform, anywhere, anytime.
*Any part of the routine can be performed as a single effect if you prefer.

If you want a routine that looks like genuine ESP then this is for you. Really easy to do.

Comes complete with the special set of nine ESP cards (approx 4" x 5", 10cm x 13cm) & instructions.

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