Big Red Nose - Odd Bin Item

Big Red Nose - Odd Bin Item

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A fun routine by Samuel Patrick Smith which is ideal for your children's shows at any time of the year but is a great favourite at Christmas.

You encourage the children to sing Rudolf the Red Nosed Reindeer and then you show your picture of Rudolf but he has a BLUE nose.

The children object and so you claim that you will magically turn his nose RED.

However you only manage to turn his nose WHITE and the children laugh as the red nose ends up on YOU!

Eventually you manage to vanish your red nose and then it turns up safe and sound on Rudolf where it belongs, so you all celebrate by singing Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer once again!

Click on the picture to enlarge it and see more detail. Highly recommended.

Comes complete with a top-quality sponge nose, special envelope and jumbo (10.75" by 8") Reindeer cards and instructions. 1 in stock.

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