Chameleon CDs

Chameleon CDs

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One trick, two distinct methods with the special DOUBLE sleeve!

Show the audience an empty CD sleeve with one side transparent.

Freely show three CDs that are silver on both sides.

Slip the CDs one after another into this CD sleeve and wave coloured silks (not supplied) at the combination.

The CDs one after another magically change colour to match the silks! The audience sees BOTH sides of the CDs.

This astounding effect is added to by having one side of the CD sleeve transparent. There is no way to exchange CDs.

‘Do it in your hand’ method: Without any cover you the magician shows three silver CDs front and back and then changes them to three different colours one at a time right in your hands!

At Beginning and End:
Fold the CD sleeve! Bend and even show it empty! One trick. Two distinct methods to cover any performance situation.

Comes with CDs and instructions.

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