Spheres of Invisibility

Spheres of Invisibility

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Eddie Burke. You step forwards holding a small black bag and requesting an audience member to use their imagination.

From the bag you take out “three invisible spheres or balls, each a different colour” or so you claim. “The balls are coloured red, purple and white!” (colours may vary) and you hang them in full view on “invisible sky-hooks!”

Joining in the fun the spectator freely chooses and calls out loud his choice of colour. Please note that they do have a completely free choice of any one of the three colours you name – there is no force used.

Immediately you turn around the small black bag that you have had in full view throughout the routine to show that you have correctly predicted their choice of colour!

*Fast, different and a truly effective prediction.
*Very easy to do – cannot fail or go wrong.
*Perfect for close-up, walkabout or stand-up.
*Ideal as an opener or anywhere in your act.
*Supplied complete and ready to perform.
*Resets in a moment. What more could the professional entertainer possibly want?

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