Birthday Card DVD - Odd Bin Item

Birthday Card DVD - Odd Bin Item

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If you love "card at any number" then look no further, Wayne Dobson has come up with the most commercial version we have ever seen.

An incredible card at ANY number using ANY Deck and ANYONE'S birthday. A brilliant comedy card at any number, with a mind-blowing climax.

Yes, the rumours are true, the spectator really does count down to ANY number in ANY deck and arrive at the only card with the words HAPPY BIRTHDAY printed across the back. What's more a previously shown mini-calendar is flipped over and printed on the other side is the exact same playing card!

*Any birthday
*Any deck
*No memory work
*No outs
*No switches
*Easy to do!
*Works every time

Comes complete with two sets of specially printed bicycle gimmicks and an instructional DVD. 1 in stock.

Note: This DVD may not play on certain DVD players, although this DVD will play on a computer-based DVD player.

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